about me:


Stay awhile and listen...Hello there, my name is Jimmy Lam, and I like to create. I grew up in San Jose, CA, spending most of my days drawing Ninja Turtles and Bart Simpson. Aside from the notoriety of being the tallest Asian kid at school, I was also an art kid. Teachers complaining about the sketches in the margins, and constantly being asked if I played basketball was my adolescence.In 2009, I graduated with a BFA in Illustration and Animation from San Jose State University. Professionally, I have found myself in a variety of roles, both technical and artistic. No matter the job, I was able to adapt and think outside limitations.These days, I create and design my own characters for D&D, play and conceptualize PC and mobile games, and I'm diving into 3D modeling as a means to develop and create my own line of toys.

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